Sunday, January 27, 2013

Django Unchained (and the A.C.T. preliminary callback)

On Friday I had my audition for A.C.T. and then got called back for the preliminary round of call backs that night in NYC, and THEN: I watched Tarantino's latest masterpiece, Django Unchained.

So, all-in-all it was a great day. The callback was a lot of fun - we had a very informative chat / Q&A with the lecturers, did a little voice warm up, a cold reading, our monologues (SO nice to audition with a little bit of an audience) and then had to sing a song each. Wow. Singing in America is like apologizing in South Africa - almost everyone is really good at it. And then they let us out and said that if they want to see us at the final callbacks on the 1st of March, we'll find out by then. So, now we wait.

And then Django Unchained. Wow. It is Tarantino's most complete movie yet. It is also his most vital. His storytelling talents match the heft of the tale. Also, Jamie, Christoph, Leo, Samuel and Kerry made for an ensemble quite as tight as the Silver Linings Playbook team (which, in my eyes - is close to perfection).

Also, in the scene where DiCaprio confronts Waltz and Foxx's characters he actually cuts his hand when slamming it into the table. He just kept going with the scene (which Tarantino called "mesmerizing"). Reminded me of bloody injuries in Streetcar last year. And, by the way, this is Samuel L Jackson's SIXTH film with Tarantino.  

So, Friday was the best day I've had in New York so far.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Washington, Bening and Banks.

I got through round one of the American Conservatory Theatre audition process. Whoop whoop. It was a lot of fun auditioning. Callbacks are this evening so I call on the spirits of their notable alumni to give me the following qualities, respectively:

Denzel Washington: Quiet brilliance.

Annette Bening: Heart and Vigour.

Elizabeth Banks: Colour, an afro and ability to work with J-Law.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


My bloggage has been reasonably unreliable lately. So, this post is just to catch up where I'm at:

I graduated, I was in a play ('The View'), I'm following the Oscars like De Niro follows the Eagles in my new favourite film ('Silver Linings Playbook') and I don't care what you say about it, AND I am currently living in New York City.

Just for two months. But like, proper living here. It's crazy. And it's amazing. And clearly. Taking away my. Ability to. Write long sentences.

But jokes aside, I'm loving it.

A lot of people have asked me to keep them updated on what's happening here because I'm auditioning for a bunch of schools which I won't divulge too much about. Basically, my MFA in Acting at The Actors Studio / Juilliard / A.C.T / A.R.T / BrownTrinity.

So here I will post random shit and bizarre NYC things and information about my auditions. Mainly for my family. But if you're not family, that's cool, too. Sort of. Just don't judge. Or do. Whatever. NYC.

In the meantime, I'd like you to meet The Cleaning Woman. She's pretty cranky, but she got me through the 'prescreening' video audition round at Juilliard:

My auditions are all in the next four weeks. Pray for me, please.

Ella x